Postal Guidelines

Power to make rules as to registered newspapers:


The [Central Government] may make rules providing for the registration of newspapers for transmission by inland post as registered newspapers.


For the purpose of such registration, every publication, consisting wholly or in great part of political or other news, or of articles relating thereto, or to other current topics, with or without advertisements, shall be deemed a newspaper, subject to the following conditions, namely:-
a) that it is published in numbers at intervals of not more than thirty-one days; and
b) that it has bona – fide list of subscribers


An extra or supplement to a newspaper, bearing the same date as the newspaper and transmitted therewith, shall be deemed to be parts of the newspaper:

Provided that no such extra or supplement shall be so deemed unless it consists wholly or in great part of matter like that of the newspaper and has the title and date of publication of the newspaper printed at the top of each page.

Explanation – Nothing in this section or in the rules there under shall be construed to render it compulsory to send newspapers by the inland post

Rule 30


Newspapers as defined in Section 9 of the Act shall be transmitted by post as registered newspapers, provided that they comply with the following conditions:-


The newspaper shall have been registered in the office of the Postmaster-General, or officer exercising the powers of the Postmaster-General, of the Postal Circle in which it is published, and the period for which its registration or the last renewal thereof as the case maybe remains in force shall not have expired.


The full postage shall be prepaid unless the newspaper is exempted from prepayment of postage by a valid license.


The newspaper shall bear in print in any convenient place either on the first or last page the word “Registered” followed by the Registration number which has been assigned to it by the Postmaster-General or other Officer referred to in condition a).


The newspaper shall be posted at the place of publication by its proprietor, manager or publisher on such days of the week or on such dates of the month which may have been specified by him in this behalf at the time of applying for registration or at any time subsequent thereto by giving three dates clear notice to the postmaster of the place.

[In cases where the proprietor, manager or publisher cannot adhere to the provision of three days notice due to reasons beyond his control, the Postmaster-General, may in relaxation of the said provision permit the posting of the newspaper at any time subsequent to the prescribed date provided the application for late posting is received by him before the prescribed date of posting. The interval between the dates of publication of this issue sought to be posted late and the previous one shall not in any case exceed 31 days.]


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